Garage Door Remote/Transmitter

Get in and out of the garage with ease!

When you’re pulling out of the garage in the morning or pulling up in the evening, you probably reach for your garage door remote on a daily basis. And then one day when you come home from work, the clicker doesn’t seems to be opening the garage! This is such a huge inconvenience because now outside the garage. Even though you know you live in a safe neighborhood in Irvine, it’s still frustrating having to leave your car outside when you didn’t want to. One thing you can do before calling a professional is to first check the batteries in your remote.

As for the garage door transmitter, there is an array of options as to why it may not be functioning properly. First off, you may be too far away for the connection so try clicking the remote in the driveway instead. Secondly, you should make sure nothing is blocking the antenna in the garage. If your transmitter is still not working, give us a call and All Right Garage Door can help reprogram and set it back to its usual working status.